The Grand Opening!

The Grand Opening

Welcome to The Earlinguists!

Welcome everyone to our brand new, shiny blog, your new space to relax, be informed and have fun.

And we have things to share with you, you and even you…our faithful readers (we promise to exchange our numbers soon).
On either a simple professional level, or out of pure, personal passion, we will keep you informed on what’s going on in the wonderful digital world; new, big, colourful (or at least unusual) developments, not to mention taking care of you with knowledge of books, music, good plans and good meals. #epicurianmood

You will soon discover that you can participate by commenting, giving us your opinion etc., as you have done in helping us choose our skin for example (thank you #bigheart).

So, barely being able to contain our emotions, we open the doors of our world to you. We hope to captivate you and conquer the most skeptical.
We also need you to share and spread the word. Subscribe to the RSS feed, LIke us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter; sign here, here and here! Perfect!

Happy reading, enjoy and have fun!

Holly & Cally,
The Earlinguists

Jesus says this blog is awesome
Jesus says this blog is awesome

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