The Selfie, impractical If not harmful

Selfie pratique pas si anodine

The selfie is a little Martine today…but look, we can change all the titles of the “Martine” books by replacing the name of our childhood heroine with the word “selfie”. Selfie at the beach, Selfie at the farm, Selfie at the fair (for Paris), Selfie at the gym (ok, this one was not there!) etc. You get the idea.

The selfie, for some, is everywhere and all the time. And, according to a study conducted in England, the most fervent selfie fans, can lose up to 5 hours per week (source: Imagine all the things that you can do with 5 hours per week:

  1. Read a book of about 300 pages, or
  2. 1 hour of sports a day (they let you relax on weekends), or
  3. Take the train from Paris to Deauville, spend 45 minutes on the beach and return to Paris, or
  4. Sleep an extra hour each day during the week (we have already said that relaxation is the basis of the weekend),
  5. Watch 13 episodes of the Big Bang Theory (maybe even 14), and if you have a lot of delay, you will arrive at the beginning of season 8 in 12 weeks 😉

We know this won’t stop you from taking selfies, so we found you another reason… taking selfies is dangerous (while reading Martine is not dangerous at all).

They let you go on a ride on the newspaper buzz, knowing the risk you take every time you take a selfie.

She would have enjoyed reading our tips on other ways to use her selfie time… #SelfieInPeace.

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